On My Own

from by ARIA



You see inside my head
You've got me figured out
You’ve got me right down to a T
You know what I'm all about

And where were you
When I took the fall?
You closed the door and you put up a wall
Well thanks for nothing, it’s not like I needed you at all

I’ll face this on my own

You left me lying on the floor
Said you couldn’t do it anymore
I guess I was just too much
And you couldn’t be my crutch
Well don’t expect me to be yours
When the rain begins to pour
And when you’ll be at your worst
I’ll make sure I put myself first

Am I that predictable?
Am I that obscene?
You’ve got your nose up to the sky
As if your hands are clean

I can’t say that I’m not hurt
That you kicked me right to the curb
Sorry your honor, I guess I’m just that absurd

I’m sure that I will be just fine

I thought this fabric would never fray
And you’d be by my side until my dying day
I thought our friendship would never die
But now I know where your loyalty lies

You left me lying on the floor
Said you couldn’t do it anymore
And when you’re at your worst
You can bet I’ll put myself first


from Abandon, released October 1, 2013



all rights reserved


ARIA Buffalo, New York

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