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released October 1, 2013

Leakmob Records

Executive Producer: Jeff Pitts
Produced and Mixed by: Michael Hatalak

ARIA is: Bianca Dyrland, Ryan Ankenbauer, Anthony Todorov and John Runkle
Additional Songwriting by: Justin Gammella, Justin Spaulding and Lance Camann
Artwork by: Jackson Zimmerman and Shane Rice



all rights reserved


ARIA Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Black Hole
Maybe they were right all along
Maybe you’re incorrigible
And I’ve been stupid
I’ve been naive
How could I be so gullible?
You can’t be trusted or redeemed
After all your crimes and wicked schemes
You’re insidious and you’re deranged
I’ve given up the hope that you might change

What’s it gonna take
To own up to your mistakes?
You’re the one to blame
Do you realize what’s at stake?
You’re a black hole
You swallow our souls
They always come and go, they come and go
And if you can’t rectify
Then maybe we should say goodbye

You’re a suicide bomber
You’re a cold-hearted martyr
And you think it’s justified
They wonder if I’ve made an attempt to cure you
Oh believe me how I’ve tried
And I watch as you self-destruct
You’re a charm that’s riddled with bad luck
I’m screaming may day
As we all go down
While you crash us blindly into the ground

Please don't let it end this way
Please don't let this be our fate
Track Name: On My Own
You see inside my head
You've got me figured out
You’ve got me right down to a T
You know what I'm all about

And where were you
When I took the fall?
You closed the door and you put up a wall
Well thanks for nothing, it’s not like I needed you at all

I’ll face this on my own

You left me lying on the floor
Said you couldn’t do it anymore
I guess I was just too much
And you couldn’t be my crutch
Well don’t expect me to be yours
When the rain begins to pour
And when you’ll be at your worst
I’ll make sure I put myself first

Am I that predictable?
Am I that obscene?
You’ve got your nose up to the sky
As if your hands are clean

I can’t say that I’m not hurt
That you kicked me right to the curb
Sorry your honor, I guess I’m just that absurd

I’m sure that I will be just fine

I thought this fabric would never fray
And you’d be by my side until my dying day
I thought our friendship would never die
But now I know where your loyalty lies

You left me lying on the floor
Said you couldn’t do it anymore
And when you’re at your worst
You can bet I’ll put myself first
Track Name: The Gambler
The Gambler

How do I know
That you won't walk away?
I've seen this all too many times
Now there's a void
One that I'm always trying to fill
Don't worry, I will be just fine

You’ll play my heart strings and run
You’re like a loaded gun
And I’ll let my guard down
The risk will pull me in
You’ll wear me oh so thin
You won’t be there to watch me drown

I’ll never be
Everything you want and need
But you’ll keep stringing me along
And I’ll never know
Where I fell short
I’ll never know what I did wrong
Track Name: You Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It
Vile and vindictive
You repel them all away
With everything you do
And everything you say
I've got an army behind me
I won't stand on my own
You'll get what you deserve
And you'll reap what you sow

This is foul play
Well baby, you say you say
That you would die for me, die for me
Well then die, die, die
And now it’s come down to this
So let’s see you throw up your fists
And watch me take what’s mine
And I’ll watch you cry like a bitch

You’re just out for yourself
Using everyone like pawns
You push them to the edge
And string them all along
You’ve got ulterior motives
And you think that you’re sly
But I know your game
So let’s play eye for an eye

I refuse to back down
And let you wear the crown
If this is how it’s gonna be, I’m ready
I would think twice
’Cause if you can’t play nice
You’re gonna wish that you never met me
Track Name: Something's Gotta Give
I’ve shed my blood
And I’ve been growing weaker
Yeah it’s been tough
But I’m a go-getter, I’m a seeker

And I begin to wonder
If this will all be worth it
And I start to ask myself
How much longer I can do this

If you run in place
You’re going no where fast
If you keep running this race
You’re gonna finish last
Well maybe this is it

And my clock is ticking
But I’m sticking it out
I’ve got a head that’s spinning
And a heart full of doubt
Oh this is no way to live
Something’s gotta give

All I can do
Is take it one day at a time
I’m overwhelmed
Oh God, just give me a sign
I could swear that we’re cursed
Because we’ve seen the very worst
All these intangible forces
Stand in the way and I’m about to burst

This is not what I envisioned
This does not feel right
This is not what I came here for
It’s not worth the fight